Steenberg Caravan and Camping Mattress Range

A vacation is one of the most beautiful things one can do to relax and take a brake from the boring everyday life. Who doesn’t like a holiday? You can hook your caravan or trailer and be in nature in a couple of hours time. But of course there is a catch and a really annoying one! Most caravans and off road trailers are kitted out with the most uncomfortable mattresses! Even the most scenic camping spot can loose its appeal after a night of tossing and turning and waking up with stiff back . Upgrade to 5 star sleep comfort this holiday, replace your caravan, stretcher or camping trailer mattress with a Steenberg mattress.

The Steenberg mattress is not a cheap inner spring Bamboo mattress that you buy from your camping Shop at a ridiculous high price!

The Steenberg mattress

We use the latest developed foam s in the Steenberg mattress to insure durability and maximum lumbar support.
All foams used in the Steenberg mattress is made to European standards.
The Steenberg mattress consists of 3 layers of different high performance foams.
The base foam of the mattress was developed in Germany to insure the longevity of the mattress.
The middle layer of foam is a very buoyant simulated latex foam to supply great back posture support.
The top layer of the mattress is a Visco foam which is a comfort foam for the ultimate in luxury sleep!
The Steenberg mattress comes vacuum packed, so it can be conveniently transported and the packaging makes your new mattress very convenient to handle and to fit inside your caravan.