Why a mattress range specially made for children?

Getting enough sleep and good quality sleep is important  for children for many reasons, from restoring energy to building brain connections. But science is showing that sleep also fuels physical growth.

Growth is a complex process that requires several hormones to stimulate various  biological events in the blood, organs, muscles and bones.

A protein hormone secreted in the pituitary gland called growth hormone is a key player in these events.
Several factors affects its production including stress and exercise.
In young children though, the most important is sleep!
Growth hormone is released throughout the day, but the most intense release of growth hormone is shortly after the beginning of deep sleep.

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We have developed two mattress ranges for children to assist in their development:

  • 6-12 years pre teen
  • 12-18 years teenage

Each mattress range is developed to give the child  the best possible support during this vital part of growth and development in a child's life.
Kids who don’t get enough or good quality sleep show other changes in the levels off hormones circulating in their bodies too. Hormones that regulate hunger and appetite can be affected causing a child to overeat and have preference to high-calorie crabs.
What’s more, a shortage of sleep can affect he way the body metabolize these foods (insulin resistance which is linked to type 2 diabetes.

Ensuring a good nights sleep
To help your child get plenty zzz’s

  • Get a mattress to insure the best sleeping posture
  • Establish a consistent bed time 
  • Set up a good bedtime routine which help to signal to your child’s body that it is time to wind down.
  • Make sure child’s room is conductive to sleep, it should be dark and quite.
  • Don’t  keep  a T.V.  or computer in your child’s  room.
  • Stick to the same timetable and routine for bedtime on weekends and holidays.